Gameshows and the Sorry State of the British Public

The state of British daytime television is a hot topic of debate in my house. As I live alone this means that I am often found stood in front of the mirror talking to myself about that day's episode of Jeremy Kyle. When the public at large and the powers-that-be talk of the sensationalism found … Continue reading Gameshows and the Sorry State of the British Public


On (Not) Shaving

No pictures of me exist online. You may try to find some but you will be unsuccessful. When it comes to social media I am a shade. Searching my name only brings up my Twitter and my Instagram, not my face. If the mood takes you, you may search my name on Google (or Bing … Continue reading On (Not) Shaving

When Did Hubert J. Watergipridget Write His Most Controversial Work?

Of all of the short stories, poems, novels, articles, and essays written by Hubert J. Watergipridget, it is perhaps The Room With The Light On Even Though It Was The Middle Of The Day that is most open to interpretation. Adding to the confusion is the prevailing assumption that it is not known precisely when Watergipridget … Continue reading When Did Hubert J. Watergipridget Write His Most Controversial Work?

By Plane or Boat I Shall Not Go


Recently, I was discussing the literary career of Hubert J Watergipridget and all that it entailed. Author, essayist, scholar and amateur taxidermist, Watergipridget was well known in literary circles, but has perhaps disappeared into obscurity, more so than many of his contemporaries anyway. This could be because he happened to get on the wrong side of George Orwell, who subsequently poo pooed his writing.

Others attribute Watergipridget’s failings to the fact that he never really made a name for himself in America. This was not due to his writing not being received well in the States, on the contrary, it was embraced whole heartedly. It is a complex matter. A part of Watergipridget’s allure was in his captivating, charismatic persona. Wherever he went, uproar and festivities followed. Love him or hate him, all admit that wherever Watergipridget was, interesting things would happen.

Alas, he did not set foot on…

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