Harz Wunderpass: 187, Lauenburg

A hiking trip to the ruins of the Lauenburg, to find stamp #187.


My Schedule to Success

My own schedule is: wake up at noon and proceed to meander through the day until I go back to sleep.


Capture You cannot read this, but rest assured it is very wise.

Why I continue to update this is beyond me, but update it I do. As a much younger being, I somehow managed to convince myself that had some amount of potential. The problem with potential is it’s not actually of any use unless you fulfil it, but in having it, you feel you don’t need to do anything to succeed because your potential will take care of everything.

I’ve discovered that either this is not the case or I, much like my constant milk issue, had much less potential than I thought (I’m constantly finding I have to switch to black coffee). Sadly, drinking beer in my pants whilst playing video games, occasionally practising piano, writing parts of novels here and there and gigging so infrequently I should really stop saying I perform gigs, hasn’t led to a meteoric…

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