Stop Putting Story Mode in my Damn Sports Games!

I recently bought the latest Madden game, which was, of course, my first mistake. Madden in general—and sports games at large—have been getting weaker over the last few years, amounting to little more than roster upgrades than anything particularly new or innovative. And yet, despite knowing that, almost every year I feel the pull of … Continue reading Stop Putting Story Mode in my Damn Sports Games!


Dine at Blank


Every person of note has dabbled in advertising. Salvador Dali did a commercial for Lanvin chocolates among other things. Al Pacino did a coffee advert as well as broadband. David Beckham has advertised just about everything that has ever existed and will ever exist. There is a product that has yet to be conceived that already has that beautiful man’s face attached.

Hubert J Watergipridget is undoubtedly better than all three of those men put together with an added pinch of Keira Knightly. He is better than them all, and yet even he has had to endure the weight of commercialism. Some cynics look upon his many ‘sponsored’ short stories as him ‘selling out.’ The author responded to such criticism. “Selling out? Heaven forbid it. No, I was selling in. Author’s need a roof over their heads to write, without that their manuscripts are likely to get wet when it…

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I’m a good but not altogether exceptional student. I put that down to focussing on things I find interesting and shunning the things I do not. I enjoy English, more for the teacher than the content, so I devote attention to it. I enjoy History, more for the content than the teacher, so that becomes … Continue reading Detention


It's hot. It's incredibly hot. It's so hot that I'm on about my third litre of water for the day and still feeling dehydrated. It's so hot that I have all of the windows open, I have a fan blowing air directly into my face, I have--for the first time in years--my arms and legs … Continue reading Hot